When putting lists together, sometimes we don’t put them in alphabetical or numerical order. Fortunately OpenOffice Writer can help us sort them into order automatically – and relatively easily.

You may have a list that needs sorting - it can be plain text or in bullets, or even within a table

Step 1: Highlight all the text that is to be sorted.

If that text is in a table, highlight the table (it will sort the rows automatically).

Step 2: Select Tools > Sort.

Select Tools > Sort from the menu

Step 3: In the Sort box, select the order by which you want to sort. If you are sorting a table, then Key 1 will be the first condition that will be used to sort, and you can specify the column, Key 2 will be the 2nd condition, etc. For lists, this doesn’t apply.

You will also decide if you want the order to be Ascending (A->Z), or Descending (Z->A) in this box.

Select the sort order and how it is to be sorted

Step 4: Click OK, and your list will be sorted.

And the list is sorted

Update: Now available – FAQ: How to sort lists in OpenOffice Calc, and as a PDF document on Scribd – check out Sorting in OpenOffice Writer and Calc.

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